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Pass CKAD, CKA and CKS exams with KubeWiz

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CKAD Practice Exam

The easiest of the 3 exams. Designed for developers running their apps on Kubernetes with somebody else managing their clusters. Kubernetes admins also start with CKAD as its curriculum greatly overlaps with CKA. Our practice exam offers 19 realistic tasks, UI that matches the real exam, 20 pages of detailed solutions.

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CKA Practice Exam

More difficult than CKAD as it includes cluster install and management topics. You will work mostly with kubectl but a good portion of tasks require that you are comfortable working etcd, VM processes, syslog. Our practice exam includes 19 realtistic tasks, VM setup and UI that match the real exam, 20 pages of detailed solutions.

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CKS Practice Exam

You need to pass CKA to take CKS. The exam requires that you have hands-on knowledge of security products required to operate Kubernetes. The scope covers hardening the opertaing system, Kubernetes itself, and containers. KubeWiz CKS parctice exam includes 19 realistic exams, VM setup and UI that match the real exam, 20 pages of detailed solutions.

More than 90% of users say that KubeWiz has helped them discover areas that they need to improve on to pass the CKAD exam.

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KubeWiz practice test and solutions helped me focus on aspects that I wasn't paying enough attention to, like switching contexts, using files as config maps, auto-scaling, labels, and many others.

Daniel, Dec 2020

The questions covered in the KubeWiz CKAD exam were pretty close to the actual exam. It helped me understand the topics that I was not aware of and, most importantly, time management.

Lalit, Jan 2021

Thanks, KubeWiz, for providing an excellent platform for those who are looking to become CKAD certified. The test exam scenarios had most of the concepts covered, and I had a good experience taking the practice exam.

Jency, Feb 2021

Thanks to the KubeWiz practice CKAD exam, I knew what to expect in the actual exam as the environment was almost identical.

Ganesh, Jan 2021

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Practice Exam

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Our Kubernetes practice exams offer realistic experience of the actual CKAD, CKA and CKS exams. Each KubeWiz session contains 19 tasks that are as difficult as the real exam questions. The UI and software components closely resamble the environment that you will interact with in the real exam. We also provide you with over 20 pages of detailed, optimal solutions for each task. After you are done with your 2h practice exam session, the environment will be available for you for another 3h to practice most optimal solutions.