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Preparing for the CKAD, CKA, or CKS exam?

KubeWiz Kubernetes practice exam offers realistic tasks, an environment that has the same number of clusters and configured the same way as the real exam, wrapped in a UI that is a replica of the real exam.
Exam Simulator Screenshot

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A browser-based command line terminal and UI that is close to the real exam

Including navigation, ability to flag questions, a scratchpad area

A software stack that closely follows the versions used in the real Kubernetes exams

Ubuntu 16.04, Kubernetes 1.21.2, kubectl 1.21.2

19 tasks and 2 hours to complete

KubeWiz times you the same way as the real exam does so you can practice under time pressure

Tasks that are slightly harder than the real exam

This will allow you to approach the real exam with confidence

Cluster layout that matches CKAD and CKA

CKAD - 4 clusters, CKA - 6 clusters

Detailed solutions

20 pages worth of solutions that show how to complete tasks in the most efficient way

Additional practice time

Once you finish your exam you will have additional 3 hours to compare your work with the recommended solutions.

Replica of software configuration

Practice with the same layout of clusters, and the right software versions for kubectl, Kubernetes, Ubuntu. Our exams run Kubernetes 1.21.2 on Ubuntu 16.04.
Exam Environment Diagram

Time Pressure of the Real Exam

Screenshot of Exam Simulator Timers

KubeWiz times your session. There are two timers:

Exam Time

This is how much time you have left out of the 2h for your exam.

Session Time

This is how much time the clusters will be available for you. It's 5h = 2h for the exam and 3h to practice some more.

Note: You can't pause the clock. Once you start your exam, you have to use all 5 hours in one go.

Detailed Solutions

Over 20 pages of detailed solutions and helpful tips.
Screenshot of KubeWiz Solutions page

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